Innovation and technology for the environment
Renewable Energy

We strive to maximise the use of nature’s power to provide the energy we need. With an emphasis on geothermal energy and bioenergy, our team develops and implements projects promoting renewable energy sources and advancing renewable energy technologies.

Resource efficiency

Using our resources efficiently not only contributes to reducing our environmental impact, but also to achieving a sustainable economy. From the latest technologies to recover resources and reduce waste, to practices that promote energy efficiency, our team’s expertise on resource efficiency spans across circular economy, energy efficient buildingsindustrial symbiosis, and eco-innovation.

Natural Resources

Maintaining technological progress and improving the quality of life require managing our natural resources effectively. Minimising the environmental impacts of mining activities, sustainable farming systems, sustainable water and land-use management planning and sustainable tourism are some of the areas our team works in towards ensuring a sustainable management of our natural resources.

Climate Change

Change of climate has existed as a phenomenon for as long as the Planet Earth existed. Human-induced climate change, however, is a relatively new phenomenon, the impacts of which we have observed increasingly over the past century. Our team tries to tackle the complex and interconnected causes of climate change, formulating policies and adaptation measures and developing novel tools to make informed decisions that can build resilience towards a climate-proof future.

Latest news

Bioplastics Event at the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture
Bioplastics Event at the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture

On November 17th, at the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture, the central event of the Hungarian Science Festival took place, focusing on the theme of compostable bioplastics and their role in improving soil conditions. The event, held in the Kupolaterem of the Agrárminisztérium in Budapest, addressed various aspects of compostable biomaterials.

RethinkAction General Assembly in Milan
RethinkAction General Assembly in Milan

The RethinkAction project, funded under the Horizon 2020-EU.3.5 Programme, marked a significant milestone during a recent General Assembly (GA) meeting in Milan on October 18th and 19th.

GEO was invited to the inauguration of ÉMI National Sample House Park and Visitor Centre
GEO was invited to the inauguration of ÉMI National Sample House Park and Visitor Centre

On 29 September, the first building of the ÉMI National Museum Park and Visitor Centre development was inaugurated

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About us

"GEONARDO" is a combination of 'geology' and 'Leonardo', which represent the early sectoral focus of our company when it was founded, and the technological ingenuity and innovation of Leonardo da Vinci. Today, our team's expertise spans across the broader fields of energy, environment and sustainable development, and our mission is to solve complex societal challenges by providing cutting-edge solutions.

Geonardo is an innovation and technology company active in the energy, environment and sustainable development fields. Geonardo provides research, innovation and consultancy services and cutting-edge solutions in the renewable energy, resource efficiency, climate change and natural resources sectors. Across these sectors, Geonardo conducts state-of-the-art life cycle assessments (LCA), GIS/remote sensing and 3D terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) applications, develops web-based planning and decision support tools, designs business plans and exploitation strategies, and implements novel training, capacity building, institutional strengthening, and communication and dissemination actions.

Since its establishment in 1999, Geonardo has become a leading SME in Central and Eastern Europe with extensive experience in conceiving and implementing research and innovation projects co-financed under the EU programmes, in particular the research and innovation programmes (FP5/6/7, H2020, HE, EMFF, LIFE, CIP). In these projects, Geonardo works closely with universities, research institutions, industry as well as public administrations and civil society organisations, providing innovative solutions to tackle complex challenges.

Today, Geonardo has a broad portfolio of European and international projects implemented by a dynamic and multidisciplinary team of experts with solid know-how and experience in project development and management, policy formulation and implementation, web design and development, as well as technical expertise in environmental engineering, geothermal energy, bioenergy, energy efficiency, building energetics, circular economy, geodata and satellite imagery processing.

Geonardo is a member of Greenovate! Europe, a Brussels-based network of organisations representing the research and innovation value chain – from research centres through to industrial clusters, innovation consultants to communication and engagement agencies.


Environmental Resource Management

Human impact on the environment needs to be properly managed to ensure the sustainability of our natural resources. We provide the essential tools and knowledge to mitigate stress on our water ecosystemsairland, and minerals. These include the provision solutions, such as nature-based solutions, through citizen science activities.

Life Cycle Assessment

A complete environmental and economic assessment of a product or service along its life stages can help make better business or policy decisions. From acoustic panels produced using recycled tyres, to novel low-CO2 concrete binders, our team can carry out LCA of various products and materials.

GIS & Remote Sensing

Geographical Information Systems are state-of-the-art technologies that allow data and information about a certain geographical region to be digitally stored, recorded and updated. At Geonardo, we utilise the most up-to-date GIS software and technology and remote sensing methods, applying these in diverse and novel contexts such as for assessing biomass potential for bioenergy and monitoring the impacts of mining on the environment.

3D Terrestial Laser Scanning

The rapidly emerging applications of this innovative surveying technique allow us to benefit from the high precision and high spatial resolution that 3D topography brings. At Geonardo, we use FARO 3D laser scanner, providing fast and exact measurements of buildings, artefacts and any other objects in three dimensions.

Web-based Planning & Decision Support

Integration of IT tools and solutions and computer-based information systems is increasingly widespread across all sectors. Energy and environmental sectors are no exception. Our IT team develops and implements web-based decision support tools for complex decision making processes such as planning energy efficiency interventions in districts

Training & Capacity Building

We believe in lifelong learning and experience-based learning. Training -- both online and face-to-face -- is therefore an integral part of our internal activities as well as our projects. From on-site training for SMEs on energy efficiency to e-Learning courses for local authorities on low carbon heating and cooling plans and to sustainable energy skills development for the construction sector professionals, our team acts as trainers, mentors and workshop moderators in a diversity of fields.

Communication & Dissemination

The impact and exploitation of innovation and research results remains limited without effective communication and dissemination. Our graphic design, IT and marketing communication teams work hand in hand with our project managers and partners to deliver out-of-the-box and novel solutions for dissemination and communication in a variety of projects such as those focusing on supporting decision making in agriculture policies, providing solutions to tackle marine litter, formulating climate change adaptation strategies and promoting sustainable use of underutilized lands for bioenergy production.

Project Design & Implementation

Conceiving novel project ideas, turning them into competitive project proposals, and implementing projects in partnership with leading universities, research institutions, industry as well as public administrations and civil society organisations make up our daily routine at Geonardo. Since our establishment in 1999, we have been quite active in developing and implementing research and innovation projects, in particular under the EU’s Framework Programmes (FP5/6/7, H2020, HE) as well as CIP, EMFF and LIFE programmes.

Top projects

Rewilding and Restoration of Intertidal Sediment Ecosystems for Carbon Sequestration, Climate Adaptation and Biodiversity Support
Women in Blue Economy Intelligence Gathering and Capacity Boosting
Aragon's Regional Hub for circularity: Demonstration of local industrial-urban symbiosis initiatives
Rebooting the National Platforms for the development of construction skills for all life cycle phases of buildings in Hungary
Empowering the Central and Eastern European Countries to Develop Bioeconomy Strategies and Action Plans
Agile Exploration and Geo-modelling for European Critical Raw materials
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General applications

We are always happy to receive unsolicited applications. If you are interested in Geonardo and its activities, please e-mail us your CV along with a cover at info(at) and we will make sure to consider your application as soon as a suitable opportunity arises.