Scalable technologies for bio-urban waste recovery

SCALIBUR is a four-year project funded by the European Union´s Horizon 2020 Programme. It aims at closing the gap between technological feasibility and industrial applications in the field of urban biowaste valorisation by enhancing strategic cooperation between sectors. SCALIBUR contributes to two challenges: reducing landfilling and creating a bio-based economy in 2030. A complete study of the quality, logistics and manage schemes for municipal solid and urban sewage sludge will be performed, to integrate innovative systems to obtain high-value bio-based products. SCALIBUR will help the municipalities of Madrid (Spain), Albano Laziale (Italy), and Kozani (Greece) to increase their recycling rate and create new circular business opportunities, while the city of Lund will mentor the three municipalities on technical and social aspects.

SCALIBUR will demonstrate a range of innovative technologies to produce high value-added products, such as bioplastics and biopesticides. The demonstration lines planned are: commodity chemicals, bioplastics and biopesticides from household waste, proteins lipids and chitin from HORECA and retail waste and bioplastics from urban sewage sludge. Another purpose of SCALIBUR is to inspire a revolution in urban biowaste recycling in Europe through capacity building. This will be done through an e-learning training programme for municipalities and entrepreneurs, therefore, the municipalities committed to improve biowaste recycling are invited to join an Early Adopter Club, which will partially consist in sharing best practices from SCALIBUR pilots.

The consortium is formed by 21 partners from 8 countries, including waste management companies, technology developers, research organizations and municipalities. The Packaging, Transport and Logistics Research Center (Instituto Tecnológico del Embalaje, Transporte y Logística – ITENE) in Spain is leading the project.