CRoss-sEcToral planning decisIoN-maKing platform to foster climate Action

RethinkAction puts citizens and decision-makers at the core of the climate change action, by developing a cross-sectoral user-friendly decision-making platform tailored to the needs of different end-users for delivering clear and valuable information on climate change, increasing awareness and attractiveness of mitigation and adaptation solutions centred on land use as a key driver, even critical, to sustain life and to reach objectives in the context of climate change.

RethinkAction moves beyond just informing them about the desirable future and what needs to be changed, but guiding them in the decision-making process by showing how to do it through practical land-use based solutions, while at the same time building awareness and attractiveness of new lifestyles and behavioural change, and how barriers can be overcome. By co-creating of the solutions through participatory processes, RethinkAction will unquestionably promote climate change action and acceptability of the measures.

RethinkAction platform will allow users to assess land use-based adaptation and mitigation solutions, understand climate change impacts over time, linking local, EU and global scales based on 6 representative case studies, covering the main regional differences related to climate change.