Highly-efficient and flexible integration of biomass and renewable hydrogen for low-cost combined heat and power generation to the energy system
Climate change is the most significant challenge for humanity today. For this reason, fossil fuels must be replaced utilising renewables, improved energy efficiency and more flexible energy systems. An optimal combination of several renewable sources is needed to satisfy human energy needs. Bioenergy, in combination with hydrogen, can take the role as secure and plannable source for power and heat complementing intermittent renewable sources such as wind and sun.

BIO-FlexGen will increase the efficiency and flexibility of renewable energy-based combined heat and power (CHP), playing a key role in energy system integration, and make a significant contribution to the decarbonisation of the energy system.

In particular, to overcome these challenges, Bio-FlexGen brings to the table a unique combination of gasification and gas turbine technology that allows the plant to utilise hydrogen for fast dispatch and biomass for low operating costs over time. Due to the high efficiency, three times more power can be generated from biomass for the same heat load, and the plant can quickly achieve full load by starting and operating on 100% hydrogen. To meet fluctuations in seasonal demands and prices, a variant of the plant can provide climate-positive hydrogen production during long periods of low electricity prices or heat demand.