Development and verification of an innovative full life sustainable approach to the valorisation of municipal solid waste into industrial feedstocks

Waste2Go will develop technologies to locally improve waste management and increase value (social, economic and environmental). To achieve this, the project will extend beyond the state-of-the-art in enzyme based technologies for fine-tuned biomass processing and combine them with intelligent techniques for MSW fractionation and downstream processing. It will unlock economic value from MSW and reduce its serious environmental impacts. The project will develop MSW as a sustainable source of raw materials for the chemical industry, displacing fossil sources. It will adapt a cascade approach to maximise value, advancing beyond current approaches to bio-refining which employ crop-derived feedstocks. It will reduce the environmental burden of MSW, transforming the biogenic component into an economically viable and sustainable raw material. It will use leading bio-technology methods and adapt a full life cycle approach to the project's R&D and exploitation strategies. It will enable the results to be scaled up and implemented on a decentralised basis across Europe, responsive to local cultural and legislative approaches to waste management. This work will actively engage with existing EU initiatives in both waste management and bio-refining; building on and not conflicting with prior research and patented results.