Training programme on international research project development and management for young scientists from the academy of sciences of Albania

The TRAINASA International Research Training Programme will focus on strengthening the research potential of young scientists from the Academy of Sciences of Albania (ASA) active in the field of natural sciences. The project will take the initiative to overcome major research barriers identified both inside the Academy - e.g. relatively high average age of scientific staff due to the low number of interesting scientific opportunities for Ph.D./post-doctoral researchers - and on policy/national level such as the depressingly low participation of Albania in specific thematic priorities under Community Programmes. Selected young scientists from ASA will take part in an intensive Research Training Programme carried out in Albania. The programme will comprise of lectures about theoretical and practical issues of managing international research projects, traineeship for selected candidates and final Brokerage Events for linking with research projects under formulation. The result of the programme will be a group of young ASA scientists, who will have a good understanding of developing and managing research projects in an international context from all different aspects (project cycle assessment, financial management, ethical issues) with the main focus on running and upcoming EC programmes (such as FP7). The result of the proposed integrated capacity-building programme will be a group of highly-qualified and motivated young ASA researchers, who fully understand the theoretical and practical aspects of managing international research projects and who will act as a motor for future international ASA initiatives. With the help of such competent researcher group we expect that this would help us integrate into European research instead of playing a second-rate role in international research projects.