Tisza River Project
The tisza river project - real-life scale integrated catchment models for supporting water- and environmental management decisions

The Tisza river basin (located almost exactly in the geographic centre of Europe and intersecting the likely near-future boundaries of the EU) is of major concern from both water- and environmental management points of view, as pointed out by the reports of many international agencies. This is also the international catchment where the recent catastrophic cyanide and heavy metal pollution accidents happened. These are the major reasons why this single catchment was selected for this proposal. The work will be focussed at the development of a "real-life-scale" catchments model for this river basin. Another major work item will be the development of ecohydrological management strategies for the unique wetlands of the ripanan zone of the river. Objective oriented sets of hydrological, hydraulic, water quality and ecological models will be developed to form an integrated model system that exactly suits the issues to be solved.