SME Environment
Supporting the participation of environmental SMEs from associated Candidate Countries in FP6

The overall objective of the project is to establish an innovative and flexible training tool for SMEs in the environment and energy sector from Associated Candidate Countries (ACCs) in order to facilitate their participation in the 6th framework programme (FP6). Within the framework of the project the true needs of environmental SMEs from ACCs will be investigated, strategies for their involvement will be developed and a web-based service will be created, providing all services necessary for their active participation in FP6 projects. Services include robust e-training solutions that will provide hands-on assistance to managers of environmental SMEs in the proposal writing phase. The services will comprise of a basic e-learning course on FP6 proposal writing, e-training services for the selected candidates and a platform for the discussion of partners and project coordinators. A robust dissemination and marketing strategy will be performed during the project in order to ensure full publicity for the services, not only within the environmental SME sector, but also among other institutions who are potential proposers of FP6 projects. Here all relevant EC innovation and business networks will be involved. The proposed project may be seen as highly complementary to the ongoing efforts by the European Commission and the relevant supporting networks and centres. The proposed e-training service on environmental project proposal development will act as a catalyst, converting the available FP6 information into practice (i.e. high-quality project proposals), which in-turn help to maximise the impact of the existing EC services.