Rhizospheric Wetland
Integrated wastewater treatment and landfill recultivation by means of development of a closed-cycle rhizospheric biological wastewater treatment system on the top of a small municipal landfill of waste site - a solution for rural areas

The aim of the project was to undertake the complex reconversion of the solid communal landfill site located at Magosliget. The planned recultivation was to involve establishing a reed-bed, or closed-cycle rhizospheric, biological waste water treatment system. The highly innovative technology proposed in this LIFE project would not only solve the reconversion of the landfill but would also ensure the cleaning and re-use of the sewage produced by four neighbouring villages (Magosliget, Uszka, Kispalád and Botpalád - altogether about 1,700 inhabitants). Furthermore, the project would also aim to generate new job opportunities and alternative income sources.