Iron Curtain
Innovative models of critical key indicators as planning and decision support for sustainable rural development and integrated cross border regional management in former iron curtain areas based on north to south european reference studies

The project is focused on a multi-sect oral integrated methodology for decision-making in sustainable rural development enhancing territorial competitiveness. It is based on the development of an innovative toolset incorporating Geographical Information Systems (GIS), system dynamics and indicator modelling integrating rural areas natural and human capital and sectors like agriculture, energy, fisheries, forestry, industry, small business, tourism and transport. Six trans-national areas along the former Iron Curtain will serve for practical test applications. The consortium constitutes a complementary team with five partners from EU and six from candidate and other countries. The three years work will result in a prototype of an integrated methodology and tool system, six reference studies with identification and formulation of local development strategies and an indicator system reference model.