Fleet Environmental Action and Assessment

FLEAT had the objective to increase energy efficiency for different types of fleets: fleets of public authorities, public transport fleets, private fleets with mainly company cars, private fleets with mainly utility vehicles. FLEAT offers existing tools and instruments to fleet operators to increase energy efficiency in 3 fields: improve energy efficiency and environmental performance of the vehicle fleet, encourage energy efficient use of vehicles and support energy efficient use of the fleet with mobility management actions. 37 pilot actions ran in different fleets focussing on different types of actions. Towards policy makers FLEAT summarised and disseminated effective policy instruments for supporting more energy efficient fleets. Pilot actions ran in Belgium, Austria, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania and Greece. A direct reduction of 4,3 kton CO2 was achieved, the multiplier effect is estimated to be 0.087 Mton CO2 reduction.