Eco-houses based on eco-friendly polymer composite construction materials

The aim of this project is to introduce a new class of eco-friendly and cost-effective polymer composite construction material. The project addresses combination of European and Balkan scientific and engineering expertise in natural fibre composites, inno vative house-component design and construction, low cost-low energy building composites and waste-recycling processes to develop a new generation of housing systems that are environmentally friendly, economically viable and socially desirable. The Eco -houses project related to making life-goods eliminates the consequences of the war in the environment, contributes to the sustainable development and helps to settle and to recover the political, financial and social situation in Western Balkan region. This proposal adopts an entirely holistic approach to how buildings (i.e. houses) should be constructed (and operated) in the future. It will develop and integrate technologies to use new construction materials (based on renewable resources), innovative component design, ease of assembly, integrated energy generation systems and waste recycling procedures to create housing systems with a much reduced environmental cost. The ECO-PCCM contribute is the production, through innovation of new class of eco-friendly composite materials with improved engineering properties compared to conventional construction materials and enabling the established of environmental friendly technology. The positive figure that the use of biodegradable plastics as a whole actu ally saves more oil than needed for their manufacture can be strengthened with an overall lower environment impact. To develop and produce eco-friendly composites products computer-aided material design approach will be applied.The project addresses man y shortfalls in current house design, construction and operation with a view provided by a pan-European multidisciplynary team of researcher, engineers, architects and manufacturers.