GEO was invited to the inauguration of ÉMI National Sample House Park and Visitor Centre

On 29 September, the first building of the ÉMI National Museum Park and Visitor Centre development was inaugurated

A sectoral forum held this year by 60 ÉMI Nonprofit Ltd., where the first building of the National Sample House Park and Visitor Centre was inaugurated. The exhibition and event hall, which is intended to serve as a complex sectoral information centre, was symbolically opened by Minister of Economic Development Márton Nagy and Eszter Vitályos, Member of Parliament for the region and Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Culture and Innovation, together with Adrian Buday-Malik, CEO of ÉMI.

In his speech Minister Márton Nagy said that the construction industry and the construction economy are very important for the Hungarian government, which is not only a political and professional priority, but also a priority for citizens and families.

The National Park and Visitor Centre is scheduled to open in summer 2024. An animated presentation film about the plans for the complex can be viewed here:

ÉMI is the leading partner of our project ConstructSkills4LIFE, which aims to support the Hungarian construction industry in reaching the targets set until 2030 by emphasizing a holistic approach focusing on the integration of digital technologies, improved process management and qualitative renovation practices, fostering stakeholder cooperation and entrepreneurship. Find out more about the porject here