Geonardo at PLANET 2023

Geonardo participated in the PLANET Budapest 2023 Sustainability EXPO, organized by the Blue Planet Foundation at the HUNEXPO in Budapest on 27 September and 1 October 2023.

The first PLANET event was organized two years ago, the largest sustainability event in Central Europe, reaching a broad audience and raising awareness of the importance of the sustainability turnaround and the impacts of climate change.

Planet Budapest 2023 was a prominent international event that presents the latest solutions with an innovative approach, showcasing the latest solutions easily. The event consists of professional, business, public and educational programmes. The event addressed several generations at once, bridging the gap between them and offering practical, tangible solutions for audiences of all ages, whether they are just learning about sustainability or already have a solid understanding. PLANET Budapest 2023 also counted with a special exhibition for the youth called "Heroes of the Future". As described in the programme, this aprt of the exhibition is an adventure game aimed at educating younger generations about sustainability. It tells a story about the possible future of our planet, using elements of interactive games and live theatre, with immersive visuals and sets. It can open students minds to the current issues they face.


The conference programme consisted of the following topics: Green financing, Renewable energies (27th ), Nature-based agriculture and Water management (28th) and Sustainable packaging (29th). Speakers from the private sector, public administration, academia and research gave engaging presentations and participated in panel discussions on sustainability issues, pointing out critical political, social and economic figures.


Geonardo attended the conference morning session on the 28 September 2023, titled Nature-Based Agriculture conference. Among the topics discussed by speakers were exploitative agriculture, bioeconomy, the destruction of soil with fertilizers, overgrazing, deforestation, wasteful and improper irrigation, the drainage and flood drainage frenzy from a few decades ago, ploughing of natural grasslands and planting water-demanding crops.

After the conference, Geonardo approached various exhibitors to promote the CEE2ACT 1st National workshop and the project. The exhibitors were representatives from the agriculture and food industry, environmental agencies, agriculture research institutes, businesses focusing on sensor data collection, integration of satellite sources, and digitization of soil data through a software platform, and international organizations dedicated to promoting sustainable food practices. CEE2ACT coordinator introduced the project to them and encouraged them to learn more about the project and how Geonardo is forming a coalition of Hungarian bioeconomy initiatives and Hubs and welcoming key Hungarian actors in the bioeconomy to be part of it.