ReThinkAction - Cross-sectoral planning decision-making platform to foster climate action

ReThinkAction is a four-year-long project funded under the Horizon 2020-EU.3.5 programme. The project is a cooperation between thirteen partners from nine countries with expertise ranging from social sciences, political sciences, land use-based policy environmental sciences, atmospheric sciences, information and communication technology modelling, earth observation, climatology, and communication. Geonardo is part of this excellent consortium representing Hungary in the project. 

The project aims to inform and place citizens and decision-makers in the driver's seat when it comes to climate change action by developing a decision-making platform that is both cross-sectoral, user-friendly and is tailored to the needs of different end-users. The main purpose of this platform is to deliver clear and valuable information to end-users on climate change and potential solutions for climate mitigation and adaptation revolving around land use and land-use change. The goal of the project is not only to provide valuable information but to guide users along the decision-making process with practical land-use based solutions and to increase awareness and attractiveness of new lifestyles and behavioural changes that can alleviate the effects of climate change.  

The project includes six case studies representing the main regional differences related to climate change locally, across Europe and globally. Geonardo will lead the case study in the Southern Great Plain region in Hungary. 

Some of the expected outcomes of the ReThinkAction project are the creation and engagement of the end user's community, high-quality climate data and land use maps, climate change impacts and risks in each case study, catalogued land use-based adaptation and mitigation solutions locally, at an EU and at a global scale, land-based policy recommendations and more.  

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