AQUA-LIT was interviewed for the Horizon Europe Magazine!

In an article called "Beach bots, sea ‘raptors’ and marine toolsets mobilised to get rid of marine litter", Horizon Europe Magazine talks about the work carried out in our project. 


"Often quickly disposed of but lasting in the environment for tens to hundreds of years, plastic litter pollutes our seas worldwide, creating a serious threat to wildlife and contributing to climate change as they break down".


That's how the article starts, leading to discuss about macroplastics, a mobile application that rewards volunteers who clean the beach and closes with the challenge aquaculture faces with marine littering. 

AQUA-LIT's coordinator and project manager at Geonardo, Mariana Mata Lara, talks about how AQUA-LIT aimed to go in parallel with the aquaculture's fast-paced growth and start solving the marine litter issue now, an increase in production doesn't mean an increase in pollution. 

She also discusses all relevant outputs of the project such as the toolbox containing more than 400 measures and solutions, arranged by topics including different sea basins, aquaculture types, and stage of removal and recycling, as well as policy recommendations

She also highlights how the Global Ghost Gear Initiative developed a best-practice framework for the management of aquaculture gear, based on four of AQUA-LIT's reports, its marine inventory and toolbox.


We invite you to read the full article here:


And also check the short video made here: