Geonardo is now part of the external technical working group for the Fisheries Industry Association in Papua New Guinea!

Photo by Laura Stanley.


The Fishing Industry Association (FIA) is a non-profit organisation with membership comprising of the fishing companies and seafood processors of Papua New Guinea (PNG) aiming to promote responsible management of the fishery in PNG.


Through its commitments, the FIA members are encouraged to implement practices that drive social responsibility on labour conditions, mitigate and minimise the impact of Marine litter and Fishing gear, as well as requiring FIA members to manage the fishing operation in a responsible manner looking after the biodiversity and conforming to the conservation measures included in the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification. As a leader association, FIA is developing guidance and procedures to support the FIA Responsible Sourcing Policy (RSP) implementation with the help of the FIA technical working group. 


Through our project manager, Mariana Mata-Lara, Geonardo as part of the external technical working group (e-TWG) will review the proposal procedures, documents and related worksheets of the FIA RSP pillar looking at Marine litter and Fishing Gear. 


Once reviewed by the e-TWG and approved by the leader of the FIA technical working group, the FIA PNG chairman and the board will approve the FIA Responsible Sourcing Policy and will be published at FIA's website.