The final recap video of our project AQUA-LIT is out and it's awesome!

If you are intrigued about the things that AQUA-LIT achieved in 2 years for helping tackling marine litter, then you cannot miss this awesome video created by our team. 

AQUA-LIT project is the first EMFF we coordinated, which focused on working together with the aquaculture stakeholders from the Mediterranean Sea, the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, to develop a toolbox of solutions, measures and recommendations for handling better marine litter from a prevention to a recycling state, further aiming at making the aquaculture industry a leading sector on addressing this global and escalating issue.

Besides the more than 400 of ideas and solutions to tackle marine litter; AQUA-LIT’s toolbox also includes information on which ports have the facilities to receive waste, a database of funding opportunities to create a project on marine litter, as well as a marine litter inventory that provides an overview of the available knowledge on marine litter originating from the aquaculture sector, a set of policy recommendations for the EU and lastly, specific action plans for outermost regions. The toolbox is available online and as an app.  

If you are interested on learning more details about our activities and achievements, then go check out our awesome video at our YouTube channel, or by clicking on the link below.