Circular Point - Where the circular economy is in the center

Circular economy is a hot topic these days; it is gaining increasing attention in Europe and around the world as a potential way for our society to increase prosperity, while reducing dependence on primary materials and energy.

The initiative Circular Point (CP) is a service hub set up by Geonardo Ltd. with the aim to provide practical and business circular economy solutions for companies and organisations. Circular Point versatile services allow you to choose the most suitable and relevant support your company or organisation needs to apply circular economy principles in your daily practice or product development. Circular Point has a mission to serve both the efficiency and profitability of our clients, while creating a positive environmental, social and consumer impact as well. The circular economy offers a wide range of opportunities for innovation, better and long-term consumer relations as well as for reducing the negative ecological footprint and for the sustainable management of natural resources. Visit Circular Point website to learn more about it!