Join WIN-BIG in Shaping the Future: Participate in the Women in Blue Economy Survey!

Share your insights and experiences and help us drive positive change across the maritime industry.

WIN-BIG aims to address the current knowledge gap on gender issues and the role women play across BuE sectors in the EU, with a special focus on emerging and highly technological sectors. Our team is committed to supporting women in joining and advancing in their blue careers through tailored training, capacity building and networking opportunities.

And that is where you come in!

We just launched the Women in the Blue Economy Survey, and we would love for you to be a part of it. By sharing your unique experiences and perspectives, you will help shape the future of gender equality in the blue economy and inform the EU's efforts to promote inclusivity and diversity in this vital sector.

But this is not just about data collection – it is about sparking meaningful conversations and driving real change. Your voice matters, regardless of your gender, and we are committed to amplifying it through this survey.

Ready to make a difference? It only takes a few minutes to complete the survey, and your contribution will have a lasting impact.

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The survey is available in English and Spanish at the moment, with plans to translate it into more languages soon.