GEO takes part in BIObec final event

On 30 January, the BIObec online event opened with the project coordinator, Davide Viaggi from Bologna University, welcoming participants. Then, the Project Officer from The Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking took the floor to explain the project background. They were followed by the Bio-based Industries Consortium representative, who spoke about creating a circular bio-society by 2050 by enhancing skills and competencies for bioeconomy as part of their goals. The Project coordinator gave an overview of the BIObec project which aims at building bridges between the bio-based industry and the education system by interlinking universities, innovation labs, and R&D centres with industrial actors and regions.

To achieve this, the project proposed a holistic framework that merges the traditional idea of an education centre with that of a knowledge hub. The project coordinator presented the results of BIObec following the path from detecting regional bioeconomy needs to designing answers in the form of Bioeconomy education centres adapted to the local innovation ecosystem.

The event included conceptual and methodological aspects, operational solutions, lessons learned and further gaps in research and education for the Bioeconomy. It was also an opportunity to discuss potential future initiatives beyond the projects, including collaboration, replication and implementation of the education centres. There were presentations about the work done in each thematic work package (e.g. detecting educational needs on bio-based and bioeconomy).

The highlights of the regional analysis of the needs, opportunities and expectations included the following: a holistic training ecosystem, integration of economy education, stakeholder collaboration and networking, and certification and lifelong learning. Towards the end of the conference, the breakout group discussions focused on replicating these bioeconomy centres.

CEE2ACT is part of the BIObec Implementation and Replication Working Group, and BIObec partners from Poland are closely working on synergies between the Bioeconomy Centre and the CEE2ACT Bioeconomy Hub in Poland.

Geonardo, the CEE2ACT coordinator took the chance to promote our upcoming webinar on 5 March 2024 “Learning from others”, organised by Wageningen University and open to the public.