Bioplastics Event at the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture

On November 17th, at the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture, the central event of the Hungarian Science Festival took place, focusing on the theme of compostable bioplastics and their role in improving soil conditions. The event, held in the Kupolaterem of the Agrárminisztérium in Budapest, addressed various aspects of compostable biomaterials.

Market researchers project a 15-20% growth in compostable plastics in the coming decades, yet misconceptions and half-truths still surround their use. The key questions addressed included the true compostability of biomaterials, the conditions and prerequisites for their compostability, and the diverse perspectives of professionals such as policy makers, chemical engineers, and waste management experts.

Experts in the field guided participants through these questions, providing insights into the composting process and exploring potential applications of resulting compost. The event aimed to bridge the gap between perception and reality surrounding compostable biomaterials.

Speakers included Soós Rita from the Ministry of Agriculture, Dr. Tábi Tamás from Budapest University of Technology, Dr. Imre Balázs from Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Urbán Csilla from the HUMUSZ Association, and Juhász András from Bibo Franchise Kft. The event concluded with a question-and-answer session and closing remarks by Kristóf Ákos from the Ministry of Agriculture.