At Geonardo, we offer a variety of services based on our 20+ years of experience in handling EU projects across the continent. 













We offer a full-service video production of consistently high standards, thriving on relationships, meticulous planning, attention to detail, and technical expertise - all wrapped in a warm and approachable team.

Building on our implementation and coordination of 90+ projects funded under different EU programmes, our videos specialize in high-end animations and moving image campaigns for EU funded projects. 

Our portfolio includes underwater shootings, aerial footage, interviews, animated graphics and many more resources to bring in a concise, highly visual and informative way, all the info from your project to the public.  

Still in doubt? Nothing to worry about, we invite you to scroll below and see some of our past video projects. 





Our design team can make customized graphics and employ cinematic effects to help narrate your story and add life to your message.

Animated illustrations are the digital, modern versions of gathering a group of people around the campfire to tell stories. They not only catch attention, but they actually hold attention.

Let us emotionally connect with your audience by telling them a narrative that’s relevant to them in a simple and entertaining language.

Another plus? Animation persuades your viewers to take action!



Types of Animations

Animated posts

These are simple motion posts that catch the eye. Just like the one here above!

We can create content for your different social media channels according to the story you want to tell, the purpose you have and the visual identity of your project. 










Animated videos

Motion graphics, hand-sketched whiteboards, modified stock footage, you name it!

Animated videos used to be for big brands only. But now it is something affordable for everyone!

Why using animated videos?

Two reasons. The first is that animation is fun and disarming, a tool that makes it easier for people to engage with. The second reason is the power it gives to storytelling. Bright colors, movements, nice visuals and movement pull the viewer in and help them understand your point, faster.

We'll leave you some examples below.


SPEAR project


AQUA-LIT project


The best short films have a few key things in common: concise storytelling, great performances, an original concept, and stunning visuals. 

Our team is equipped to make video shootings at any location and environment you need. Thinking of filming underwater? worry not, we can do it! Need an aerial video? We got you! An interview type of approach? We know what you mean. 

Our characteristic expertise and experience with EU funded projects have given us the skills to make relevant targetted videos that bring innovation and science into a language understandable for all. 


Case study video

Explaining the relevance of an area of study is key to convey the importance of your work carried out there. Narrating the process from the context of the place until reaching the final outcome from your activities, will help showcase the purpose of your project. 

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Interviews with stakeholders

An interview with users and stakeholders helps bring a new perspective to your project as it is the experience of others interacting with you, what brings the value. 

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Other format you want!

Have you some other approach in mind? Let's talk! 

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