E-Learning sites

Highly visual, rich content, and interactive and engaging exercises are the three components for the e-training platforms we develop. 



E-learning has proven to be a great way of transferring skills and knowledge, especially when there is good content, interactive components, and a high-visual design. At Geonardo we provide these three aiming at delivering education at a large number of recipients at the same or different times. 


As part of our portfolio, we can highlight the following e-learning sites we have developed in-house in a wide variety of topics:


CoastObs project E-learning


From the ABC of Remote Sensing and Ocean colour, to obtaining maps of multiple parameters for coastal water monitoring, this e-training is for people interested in coastal monitoring and environmental reporting, in fisheries and aquaculture, in Earth disciplines (hydrology, ecology, meteorology, oceanography, glaciology, geology), the military, intelligence, diving, research, or coastal engineering.

Check it out by clicking the image or at the following link: