Geonardo Ltd. is an environmental technologies firm based in Budapest, Hungary. A small-medium enterprise (SME) we carry out a wide range of activities across several fields related to natural resource management. Our expertise spans across a multitude of topics, including: the Environment, Sustainable Development, Mineral Resources, Renewable Energy, Transportation, Waste and Water.

Company and staff experience expands over almost every aspect of natural resources management, with special emphasis on the sustainable management of our mineral resources (metallic and industrial minerals). In particular, Geonardo provides technical consulting services specialised in renewable energy sources (RES) applications: studies, supervision of construction works, training and promotion. For years we have been carrying out technical feasibility studies and integrated environment assessments. Our staff has expert knowledge in satellite imagery processing and the development of state-of-the-art Geographical Information Systems (GIS) applications.

Our Services include: Project coordination, Consulting, GI related consulting, Feasibility studies, Impact Studies, Research and Development.

We are also extremely active in EU programmes and open to collaborating with new partners.